Thank you Dr. Kristina Lee for an excellent presentation on GIST

Teaching Points

  • Important considerations in GI bleed: sx of volume depletion (dizzyness, syncope), hemodynamic instability or vitals differing from baseline, coagulopathy or other comorbid conditions
  • Management of GI bleed
    • fluids, goal hg>7, plt >50, INR<1.5.
    • protonix drip if UGIB, add octreotide drip if concern for variceal bleed
  • GIST sx: vague, nonspecific abdominal pain or discomfort, malaise, fatigue
  • GIST dx: CT abdomen, PET, biopsy with path showing expression of the CD117 antigen
  • GIST tx: surgery, tyrosine kinase inhibitors (imatinib)

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